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November 3, 2020

why wedding veils are a must!

Wedding veils, a very traditional outfit piece that has drastically changed over the years. The veil came to symbolize modesty and obedience. In many religions, it’s seen as a symbol of respect for women to cover their heads. However to many brides now it’s an ornament to complement their dress and achieve their overall wedding vision.

Apart from the fact that they look stunning, it can also be a great tool to use when creating wedding imagery. It’s an extra tool that adds dimension to the photos. The weight, colour and texture will all play a part in the way it can be used. 

// Light veils Vs Heavily decorated veils

If you love dramatic veil shots, it’s best to stick with light materials, this way the veil can be easy to manoeuvre with movement and wind. Heavily beaded veils are beautiful but can be very difficult to create movement, as they might pull on the bride’s hair due to the weight it carries. Trust me when I say it’s no fun as I experience that first hand at my wedding!

What can you do if you want dramatic veil shot but have a heavy veil? Beaded veils look amazing in still photos, you will be able to see the detail and the piece will truly shine. My recommendation would be if you want a specific veil photo, have a backup “light” veil so you can get the best of both worlds. Speak to you hairstylist to make sure the veils are easy to attach and remove this way your bridesmaids or handy new husband/wife can help you.

// Diversity

Lastly, the reason why a veil is a must is diversity! You can take wedding photos with the veil on then remove it and get more awesome photos, you are giving yourself more options. Also, you give the photographer more creative freedom to play with a fun tool.

What if you don’t want a veil, will you not look “bridal” enough?
Absolutely not! Some brides don’t like veils and that’s completely fine, stick to what your vision is. But to those that are looking for veils have fun shopping!

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