Melbourne Wedding photographer, Quint photography – Sofia Quintanilla
Fancy to Meet you here.

If you are here you may be in the search for someone to capture your big day. All the laughs, the tears, the Aha-moments and everything else inbetween. I would love to help! I’m Sofia and I LOVE weddings, everything about them.

Now, your selfie game may be on point, but we all know that having a camera in our face can be very intimidating. My main objective is to seize your day in its truest form and make you feel as relaxed as possible in the process.  If you need some direction I will also be there to help you. If your mascara is runny or your hair is playing up, I will be there with comb in hand. 

My job is to make you both feel FABULOUS because it’s your day and (heck!) you deserve it!

Melbourne Wedding photographer, Quint photography – Sofia Quintanilla

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Melbourne Wedding photographer, Quint photography – Sofia Quintanilla

Candid Wedding Photographer in Melbourne

Melbourne Wedding photographer, Quint photography – Sofia Quintanilla

You have taken the time to pick every detail of your wedding and I want you to be sure I am the perfect person to shoot your big day. I would love to know more about you both, please fill out the contact form and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Melbourne Wedding Photographer

When looking for a photographer it can be like comparing apples with oranges. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it’s time to pick! Photographic style, do you love the way their photos have been captured? Is that how you imagine your wedding photos? Also, do you like their editing style? Most photographers have a signature editing style they use to process all their images.

Personality! This is a big one! Make sure you get along with your photographer. On the wedding day they will be around you all day, so make sure you feel comfortable around them, as this will also reflect on the photos.

Value, does the photographer provide a collection that fits all your needs?
Keep in mind price variation alters between photographers due to their experience, equipment and overall business structure.

Now after all this info go and find your STAR photographer!

The popularity of the photographer will determine their booking calendar.
Some photographers are booked up to 2 years in advance. Ideally, if there is a photographer who’s work you love to make sure to enquire early (12-10 months in advance).

Once the cake is eaten, the champagne has been drunk, your photos will remain. Looking at them will bring you back to how you felt on the day. On the day you will be having so much fun the time will fly by! Your photographer will make sure to capture all the key moments you want to cherish. It’s probably one of the best investment you can make.

Knowing Melbourne weather this definitely something that might cross your mind once or twice. If you happen to get some rain the best thing to do is embrace it, wedding photos can look extra magical with some rain! If your ceremony is outdoor be sure to have a plan B with your venue, this will alleviate any future stress and give you some peace of mind. If you don’t want umbrellas in your wedding photos consider bringing it indoors or pick locations with some shelter.